August 12, 2009

White tea vs Green tea

Hubby and I have our own different kind of taste. There are foods that I really like and which he doesn’t and vice versa. He likes coke while I prefer water, he likes potatoes (of course) while I (of course again) like rice and so on and so forth.

Among much other stuff, I have come to like Green tea while he is into White tea. So I have arise to differentiate both, Green tea contains antioxidants in high concentrations, it tastes good and it has a low content of caffeine. White tea, on the other hand, is tea leaves that are picked before they open fully, when the buds are still covered in fine, white hairs. That, of course, is why it's called "white" tea.

When discussing white tea vs green tea, it is important to realize that they both come from the same plant, the tea plant Camellia sinensis. The main difference between the two types of tea is that the white tea leaves are harvested at a younger age than the green tea leaves. They both undergo very little processing. White tea is not fermented at all, while green tea is partly fermented. By contrast, black tea is fully fermented because they are so gently treated, white tea and green tea retain their content of beneficial antioxidants.


However, studies have shown that the young, white tea leaves retain antioxidants in higher concentrations than green tea does. Studies have shown that white tea has a concentration of antioxidants that is three times higherthan in green tea. Essentially, white tea contains the same concentrations of antioxidants as the young and fresh tea leaf buds that are still attached to the bush. This makes white tea the tea with the highest antioxidant content, which for many is the main reason for drinking white tea. For comparison, one cup of white tea contains approximately twelve (12) times as much antioxidants as fresh orange juice.


For many, the taste of the tea is important, and not everyone is a fan of the often "grassy" aftertaste associated with green tea. White tea has a much gentler and subtler taste, smooth and silky and almost sweet. The appearance of correctly brewed white tea has been described as a pale gold, not unlike a young white wine.


White tea contains less caffeine than green tea, about 15 mg per serving compared to the 20 mg for green tea. If caffeine tends to make you jittery, white tea may be the better choice.

Source: White Tea Central


scarletth said...

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Pat said...

The most exotic white teas are grown in Ceylon and called Silver Tips and Golden Tips

Sara Reid said...

Thank you for sharing such nice article. You have done great job! I really like the white tea which is not a white, but a dark green and folded leaf. I love it's strong smells.

Unknown said...

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