August 24, 2009

Car damage

I felt bad today as I accidentally hit the mailbox and subsequently broke the side mirror of our car. It was a horrible experience, as I have never imagined that I was going to have the accident. Yes, I once scratched our car but I know it can be fix and I know too that the side mirror can be fix as well, but it just felt different.

For a moment there, I was really afraid of what Dan might react, good thing though, he wasn’t really mad at all, he was cool with it since he knew all along that sooner or later that this will happen. And im so relieved that that was only his reaction or if not, I wont be able to sleep well for the next few days.

Well, I have learned my lesson for the day and I will always forever remember it and be cautious for the next driving lessons.


ruby said...

ako gyud naka guba ug side mirror sa parking lot, unya ako ge takasan! nahadlok gyud ko kay basi naay police manuktok dre sa amo, dapat daw ako ge bilin ang ako info para mabayaran to sila,, atot oi..

Lets said...

hahaha!! welcome to America!! Daghan na ta nga naka experience ug bangga while practicing. Dili man gud ta driver sa Pinas? but here? we have to... You will be fine kung sigi ka practice.. ug bangga hahaha