August 14, 2009


I have long been wanting to own a MAC laptop ever since, that I could not think of a reason why I am so overly fascinated with it when I know that it is still the same like any other computers, check emails and updates for websites. I don’t know, maybe I was led to believe that possessing a MAC laptop somehow make you belong to a high status quo, or so I thought. Why? MAC laptop is not your typical computer in terms of price. Normally, the other brand laptop would range to $400 to $900 but with MAC it can get as high as $2,000 or more and the minimum price would be $1,000. And with the economy right now, who would like to spend thousands of dollars just for a computer.

Nonetheless, I am still envisioning of owning it someday. I know that I am not rich but I will find a way, eventually. So, what made me fell for MAC? For the simplest reason, I don’t want virus in my computer. I am at all times surf in the Internet that I haven’t had the time to see the boxes that I am clicking. That is how I am in front of computer, pathetic, isn’t it? Moreover, the design of the laptop is so amazingly built, the features, the components and it is a great computer for professional applications such as business, photo editing, rendering, movie editing, etc.

Fortunately, I have my own MAC laptop now and I was extremely happy when Dan bought it for me. I was not expecting it at that time, plus the fact that I was worried of the price. Anyway, so far, I am loving it everyday.