September 30, 2008

Dream a Little Dream of Me

Dream a Little Dream of Me, this is the first episode title for the Season 5 of Greys Anatomy.
It was not shown here in Philippines yet but have already seen it courtesy of YOUTUBE..:)
I must say..LOVE GREYS ANATOMY, indeed!

September 28, 2008

it was a blast

yesterday was the birthday of one of my closest friend..and it was a blast..we celebrated her birthday at Forest Hill, its a pool..and all our friends were there..

it was sort of reunion already..hope we can have this get together again.

September 27, 2008

its her bday!!!!!!!!

we are going to as always pool party later....
HAPPY 26th birthday to you my friend...
we love you

...folds uncovered...=)

September 25, 2008


I am really an avid fan of Nicholas Sparks..I think I read all his novels already.One of my best favorite is THE NOTEBOOK.Boy, i fell in love with the book even more when i watched it.
Now, i am looking forward to his next movie, NIGHTS IN RODANTHE. Will watch this movie together my big baby :)

September 23, 2008

SME Interview

Today was the SME (Subject Matter Expert) interview. Honestly, i felt envious. I should also be part of the applicants. But because of the inevitable circumstance I choose not to.
I know there is still far more greater opportunity ahead of me and I fervently believe that I made the right decision, that is to be with my future husband.


I read this is very interesting..

How to make Long Distance Relationship Work

1. Ask the important questions
2. Communicate in some way every day
3. Do things together. Defy the distance
4. Take advantage of the benefits
5. Pursue common interests
6. Pursue common interests
7. Talk about your future together
8. Know when to say good-bye
9. Remember: things will get better with time, and even the relationship will become better. Have hope.

September 22, 2008

i am so excited

i will be spending my birthday together with my fiance and i am so excited..this is going to be my first time

growing old

It has been a tough journey but when i met him, my journey to life became more meaningful and wonderful. I am so glad that across great big seas and halfway around the world our hearts met and fell in love.
I love you my baby...
God is indeed so GOOD...


i cant wait for the Season Five to start...
oh...i am really an avid fan of Greys Anatomy
I just wish Dr. Yang and Dr.Burke will still be together


Lately, every weekend, my officemates were spending time together by...what else???watching movies.. was such a treat..after a long nights from work we have been consistently looking forward to weekend just to pamper ourselves..
last weekend..we watched death race and i must say i love the action race although the story was kinda lame but nonetheless, i was entertained with its unstopable car race..
this weekend, we watched Bangkok Dangerous..hmm, i was disappointed with the movie as i was expecting more, it was an action movie with a touch of drama.
Next movie treat, Nights in Rodanthe..cant wait
i had already made up my mind.. i decided not to apply for the position.
dan and i had a talk about it, at first he doesn't want me to stay up until march but its okay for him to wait for me but then i can sense that he is really not sure about it. instead, i know he just wants me to be happy.
While i was in deep thought, he has a point, we have waited for so long already and extending up until march is bearable but we choose not to prolong our agony.
So Monday night, i had a talk with my supervisor and i told him that im not pursuing the application anymore. It was a deep conversation and relaxing, and for a moment, i know i made the right decision.

September 17, 2008


After my whining yesterday, i had the chance to chat with my future mom-in-law. yes, we chat whenever we caught ourselves online.
Although, we havent met yet in person and we are halfway around the world, i can certainly feel the warmth of her presence and her love. I am so lucky to always talk to her under the sun. She gives me encouragement and wisdom.
I just love her

September 16, 2008


it has been a very tedious and strenuous journey just so i can get the position, unfortunately my effort didnt pay off..i failed yet again.
things have been drastically out of hand recently..i thought i was already well equipped for moving up. i practice and practice day and night..i asked tips, opinions in preparation for the interview..still i failed..
again, im back to scratched again..waiting for a new position :(