August 11, 2009


I extremely enjoyed playing Wii with my hubby everyday. Since we are not been doing anything for the past few months, we have been keeping ourselves busy by playing and its sort of an exercise for us. And to put up a little spice in the game we do a little competition and do consequence if the other loses. We played Tennis and Bowling, and I must say Im kinda good in Tennis while Dan is into Bowling. So can you imagine the fierce competition?But there were times that it would be opposite, although its rare, that I won in Bowling and he in Tennis.

So what is Wii? According to WikiAnswers..

The Wii is a console put out by Nintendo. It steers a little away from the traditional gaming experience of using a controller and pushing buttons and joysticks. You use a remote and various attached controllers (such as the nunchuck) to play. It is motion sensitive, so the games use different motions to play. For example, in the game WiiSports, you swing the controller like a bat to swing your character's bat. Some games have more complex control techniques than that though. It is basically the motion thing that is making this console so popular with people who aren't usually that interested in video games. The motion makes it more of a party experience versus the old way pushing buttons.

So basically, Wii is an interactive game that can be played by everybody as it has all kind of games that are well suited for certain ages. So go and buy now..


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