August 17, 2009

and we are in motion

Congratulations to both of us! For one week now, we have achieved something that we have wanted to do. It felt great that we did it as we all know that we are the type of individuals who can’t hardly keep up with routine stuff but by looking at ourselves we don’t have a choice but to do this one, for us to be fit.

Yes, ever since I got here, I have been dealing with my gaining weight. Who wouldn’t be? I would love to be working my butt off but I am stranded at home without anything to do, I watched TV all day long or sit in front of the computer, that is my activities everyday. See I wonder why I put on weight.

Anyway, so the first week with exercise was really a great achievement and I hope that we would be able to keep up with our routine stuff as I really wanted to loose weight or should I also say be fit. Good luck to us!