August 13, 2009


Without anything else to do at home, I asked Dan if we can go anywhere and drive around place where we haven’t been into yet. Instead, of just staying home and do nothing, we can have a so called exercise. So out we were, Dan decided to go to cemetery. As you can see, cemetery is the place where I practice driving coz I know it is somehow deserted. As a first time driver, this is the best way how to easily learn and get acquainted with driving. Anyway, while we were driving around the place, I noticed that there were a lot of geese. So I have to stopped and go to another place where there were none. Hence, I remembered the accident which happened in New York last January 2009.

The US Airways Airbus A320 which crashed in the Hudson River last January encountered a flock of birds shortly after takeoff from La Guardia airport, presumably suffering substantial damage to both of its engines. Because of the plane's low altitude; it was unable to reach a suitable airport for an emergency landing, gliding instead to a splash-down in the river. Birdstrikes, as they're called, are fairly common and seldom harmful (unless, of course you're talking from the bird's point of view). Good thing though, everyone was rescued.

So I guess, this should be taken seriously as there had been reports of crashes years before