November 18, 2008


after my resignation, i thought i wouldnt be doing anything at all at home but boy i was wrong my boyfriend was already planning to paint the house. so right after i submitted my resignation, the very next day we were out looking for a hardware and got stuff for the painting.
At first we painted the gate, guess what color??? VERMILLION RED!!!!!! was a shocking color but it was alright. it took us 3 days to finish painting the gate since he is so meticulous that he wanted to paint all the small part.
after the gate,next stop?? the sister wanted color green so we decided to have a two tone. it was fun doing it and i must say i did enjoy it although i didnt realize that its going to be so tiring but nonetheless it was still fun.

November 6, 2008

birthday cake

my friends surprised me with their birthday cake. Yeah, i know they will prepare something special coz thats what we are during each other's birthday.

I sure was amazed with their gift it was a birthday cake and its not just an ordinary cake, take a look. My fiancee was also surprised by it and overwhelmed with their gestures.

I had a great time celebrating my birthday with my friends and of course with my baby who was here to join me in this occasion.

my resignation

i have been considering the idea of resigning from my job as its already becoming tedious and monotonous. one thing thats keeping me from this work is the salary. since i am the "breadwinner" in the family so i have to have a high salary to pay our monthly bills.
but good thing though, my fiance talked me through it and promise to help me with the bills since he knows that i have been complaining with my job. so after 1 year, i made a very wise decision, i passed my resignation letter and it really feels good.