March 26, 2009

busy,busy,busy (HELP ME GOD)

i havent been blogging for the past few days as i am really busy doing all the paper works for my upcoming interview which will be on April 07,09. But before that, I will have my medical this April 1 and 2.
God Bless and Guide me for this very important event in my life. I just want to be with my MAN. 

March 8, 2009

Have a wonderful journey

Last March 06,2009, a news that brought tears in everybody's eyes as Mr. Francis "Kiko" Magalona, passed away. One of the best and the original rapper in the Philippines.
He was diagnosed to have Leukemia August of last year and last Friday which was the March 06,2009, 12 noon he died because of complications.
We will surely miss you Mr.Rapper. A great loss to our country, Indeed!  

March 4, 2009

God is good

after so many months of waiting we have finally received what we have been wanting to hear and get. We are approved. God is really so good. Without him, his guidance, we or should i say, I had give up already but i didnt i am still holding and it did pay off...

March 2, 2009


I was more than intrigued about this movie, all my friends wanted me to watch this since they say its a good one. So I marched myself to the DVD store and bought one.
After watching the movie, i felt good and hopeful. Why? its because i am about to loose hope about this visa thing, its been 7 months now and still counting. We havent heard anything yet.
But by watching this movie, its good to be hopeful and it gives so much comfort that I am not alone in this journey, that i have my fiancee who loves me dearly and wont give up till the end.

MaRCH (Fire Prevention Month)

March is the Fire Prevention Month in Philippines. Here are the tips to prevent fire

From the Bureau of Fire Protection, here are home and life-saving tips:

• Put phone numbers of your nearest fire department near your phone.

• Eliminate fire hazards through good housekeeping: dispose waste paper, rubbish and other flammable materials regularly.

• Keep matches out of children’s reach.

• Oil or gas lamps and candles should be placed away from curtains. Do not light them near windows, fans or where children or pets may topple them. Put out the flame before going to bed.

• Do not keep flammable materials like gasoline, alcohol and paint inside the house.

• Regularly check your electrical installations, and have all frayed wirings and electrical fixtures changed or repaired by a licensed electrician.

• Do not overload electrical circuits by putting additional lights and appliances.

• Blown fuses should not be replaced with coins, wires or any other metal.

• Never leave a lighted cigarette/cigar/pipe unattended. This may fall on flammable materials.

• Keep a first-aid kit handy.