February 25, 2009

tired of waiting????

should i stop?? im tired of waiting and its totally depressing.
i admit, im not good in waiting...

February 19, 2009


I am so lucky that i met my soon to be husband. We are not married yet but im 100 percent sure that our companionship will last long. We, of course, will have our own little spats but we will do our best to resolve it.
Why I love him so much..

1. He is happy when I am happy

2. He kisses and hug me whenever he feels like it (maybe it be while washing the dishes,after eating,or just playing around)

3. He is calm and compose when things go wrong

4. He is positive when i am the exact opposite

5. He never ceases to surprised me

6. He always peeked whenever i took a bath

7. When we have misunderstanding, he'll be silent and just smile afterwards

8. No one has cried for me before (I am so touched) 

9. I love to hang myself at him and he never complains

10. He explain things whenever i am confuse  especially economics/politics

11. Although he is tired of eating rice but still the last night before he went home, he ate rice

12. He never complained with that way I cook (he knows im so horrible in cooking)

13. He will give me a massage if i say that im sore and way to good

14. I am spoiled

15. He constantly reminds me how beautiful, sexy i am (im just a typical filipina)

16. He plays my games (PSP and Nintendo DS) whenever the task is difficult

17. He is always on the move

18. He loves adventure so am i. 

19. He encourages me to do things

20. He loves my family and friends

21. He loves me more and everyday never ceases to say and show it.

22. He loves to spank me whenever he feels like doing it

23. I love my man for what and who he is..

Thank you for all the things that you have given and shared. I thank God for sending you to me.

what a night!!!

It was a typical day yesterday, woke up late, talked to my hubby and prepared the stuff that are needed for the interview soon, made a card for my future mom-in-law.

I went to the mall to mail the card and since im not doing anything at home and im already freaking bored to spend again the night at home so i decided to watch a movie. I paid the ticket and sat in the chair waiting for the movie to start and boom, I got a text message from mina saying that all the Wave 1 from Sutherland are going to have a get together. Since i havent seen them in a while, i got up and have my hand put a mark on so that i can still go back later if i wanted to.

I got the see Ervin my former colleague-turned supervisor. We had quite a get together. We were there for 3 hours and i was drunk. Its been a while since i felt that way, boy, it was not so good. 

Around 9 pm we separated ways, and i went back to the mall to watch the movie. You know, P80 is a lot, i dont want to waste it. I got home around 12 midnight feeling sober. :D

Thanks Ervin for the treat..

February 17, 2009


although, we didn't receive yet the approval or they call it NOA2. I am already starting to prepare the things that i need to do so that by the time that we have ours, its organize already.

I reviewed the chat transcripts over the last few months from the day we met and up until the present. I selected the pictures that are need to be printed, compiled the needed documents such as his ITR 2007 and w2.

As for me, have yet to get the important papers from government offices.

February 14, 2009


I spent Vday with my friends. We watched Underworld:Rise of the Lycans, yet again. I have seen the movie but since i was bored at home i decided to join them. Heck, its valentines, i should be out celebrating although my partner is nowhere near with me.

After watching the movie, i went to another mall to meet my other friends. We had a very nice dinner at LACHI's. But before we had ours, we patiently waited outside since all the tables were fully occupied. We were already complaining that the food should be good coz they had us wait for quite a while. Indeed, it was a good dinner.

Lastly, after dinner we took our time having coffee while checking emails and the like.
Overall, it was a pretty okay Valentines Day. How about yours?

February 13, 2009


zwani.com myspace graphic comments

February 14, the day of heart. Everyone will be very busy giving flowers and chocolates to their loved ones. Im sure restaurants too will be packed with couple and families.

I wont be able to celebrate Valentines with baby as we are separated across big seas and half way around the world. Instead, i will celebrate it together with my friends. 

For you B, Happy Valentines Day and I am positive that we will be celebrating Valentines next year. 

a call for celebration

A friend of mine was promoted from her job today. She has been employed from this company for quite sometime now and I fervently believe that she deserve it.


February 12, 2009


Last January 17, we had our extreme adventure..WILD WATER RAFTING.

At first, it was so nerve wracking since this is going to be my first time and so are my friends who were with me at that time. Just by looking at the pictures and videos while we had our briefing, it was a mixed emotions of excitement and nervousness

Alas, we were at our putting area already where we put our safety gear such as life jacket. We had a short orientation on how to go about during the entire rafting experience.

The entire trip for the rafting was undeniably awesome. It was a superb experience that we would again do it over and over again.

I hope everybody can try it and be amazed.

February 10, 2009

hoping that this is going to be a good journey

over the past few months, after we got the notice that we should submit the needed documents for the visa process, we never stopped calling Dan's friends and his family to help us get the paper since Dan won't be able to get because he is here in the Philippines.

Christmas passed and new year came, we didn't have the paper yet. We fear that we wont be able to beat the target which was Feb 07,09. Dan, is constantly calling his friend Scott, who fortunately his brother works as a Sheriff.
Luckily, Scott was able to get the paper and mailed it to the lawyer. Days passed the lawyer emailed and said that it was not the right one as it should be a Certified True Copy.

Once again, I was depressed while Dan was hopeful.

Days before the deadline, we never stopped calling his mom, his brother, Scott and the lawyer. At last, Scott got the paper last Feb 06 and mailed it directly to the lawyer via FEDEX. Our deadline was Feb 07. We hoped that our lawyer mailed it directly to the appropriate office so that we can beat the deadline.

Just this night, Feb  10,2009. 9.35 to be exact. I got an email from CRIS, stating that they received the documents and the case is now resumed.

I hope and pray that the decision will be positive.

February 9, 2009

PSP…PlayStation Portable

If you ask me, I am not really a fanatic of gadgets. If there is a chance that I will be able to play it, after a few minutes I would get tired and stop playing with it. That is how I am with gadgets.

But my fiancée insisted to buy me one for future purposes, which includes that for my trip hopefully to US, I won’t be bored while on the plane

So we bought one for me, and for the first few weeks I was engrossed playing the games that we also purchased. Now if you are bored with the games you can also listen to music. You can also put music in your PSP by just saving it to the memory card.

Plus, PSPs are also wifi, if you are out and you forgot to bring your laptop you can check your emails.

It is really a multi functional gadget. good thing, we bought it!

February 7, 2009

UNDERWORLD (Rise of the Lycans)

I have been following the Underworld Series and have been looking foward watching the 3rd series which is the UNDERWORLD (Rise of the Lycans).

In this movie, it was thoroughly explained how it all began. Why Lycans and Vampires hated so much. If you noticed, in the first series, there were past scenes where you saw Sonja.

All in all, I love it and its yet another vampire exhilarating movie.

February 4, 2009


I'm not really interested in football. Heck, I don't even know the rules of the game nor any popular names in this field. Unlike with Michael Jordan, from Basketball. 
But i got curious with it since my partner loves it. Good thing is his favorite team is playing to SUPERBOWL. 
When I saw the crowd for the Superbowl, I cant believe that there are thousands of people watched the game and cheering on their teams.
Well, im sure happy that my fiancee's team won. GO STEELERS