February 19, 2009

what a night!!!

It was a typical day yesterday, woke up late, talked to my hubby and prepared the stuff that are needed for the interview soon, made a card for my future mom-in-law.

I went to the mall to mail the card and since im not doing anything at home and im already freaking bored to spend again the night at home so i decided to watch a movie. I paid the ticket and sat in the chair waiting for the movie to start and boom, I got a text message from mina saying that all the Wave 1 from Sutherland are going to have a get together. Since i havent seen them in a while, i got up and have my hand put a mark on so that i can still go back later if i wanted to.

I got the see Ervin my former colleague-turned supervisor. We had quite a get together. We were there for 3 hours and i was drunk. Its been a while since i felt that way, boy, it was not so good. 

Around 9 pm we separated ways, and i went back to the mall to watch the movie. You know, P80 is a lot, i dont want to waste it. I got home around 12 midnight feeling sober. :D

Thanks Ervin for the treat..