February 10, 2009

hoping that this is going to be a good journey

over the past few months, after we got the notice that we should submit the needed documents for the visa process, we never stopped calling Dan's friends and his family to help us get the paper since Dan won't be able to get because he is here in the Philippines.

Christmas passed and new year came, we didn't have the paper yet. We fear that we wont be able to beat the target which was Feb 07,09. Dan, is constantly calling his friend Scott, who fortunately his brother works as a Sheriff.
Luckily, Scott was able to get the paper and mailed it to the lawyer. Days passed the lawyer emailed and said that it was not the right one as it should be a Certified True Copy.

Once again, I was depressed while Dan was hopeful.

Days before the deadline, we never stopped calling his mom, his brother, Scott and the lawyer. At last, Scott got the paper last Feb 06 and mailed it directly to the lawyer via FEDEX. Our deadline was Feb 07. We hoped that our lawyer mailed it directly to the appropriate office so that we can beat the deadline.

Just this night, Feb  10,2009. 9.35 to be exact. I got an email from CRIS, stating that they received the documents and the case is now resumed.

I hope and pray that the decision will be positive.