February 19, 2009


I am so lucky that i met my soon to be husband. We are not married yet but im 100 percent sure that our companionship will last long. We, of course, will have our own little spats but we will do our best to resolve it.
Why I love him so much..

1. He is happy when I am happy

2. He kisses and hug me whenever he feels like it (maybe it be while washing the dishes,after eating,or just playing around)

3. He is calm and compose when things go wrong

4. He is positive when i am the exact opposite

5. He never ceases to surprised me

6. He always peeked whenever i took a bath

7. When we have misunderstanding, he'll be silent and just smile afterwards

8. No one has cried for me before (I am so touched) 

9. I love to hang myself at him and he never complains

10. He explain things whenever i am confuse  especially economics/politics

11. Although he is tired of eating rice but still the last night before he went home, he ate rice

12. He never complained with that way I cook (he knows im so horrible in cooking)

13. He will give me a massage if i say that im sore and way to good

14. I am spoiled

15. He constantly reminds me how beautiful, sexy i am (im just a typical filipina)

16. He plays my games (PSP and Nintendo DS) whenever the task is difficult

17. He is always on the move

18. He loves adventure so am i. 

19. He encourages me to do things

20. He loves my family and friends

21. He loves me more and everyday never ceases to say and show it.

22. He loves to spank me whenever he feels like doing it

23. I love my man for what and who he is..

Thank you for all the things that you have given and shared. I thank God for sending you to me.