February 9, 2009

PSP…PlayStation Portable

If you ask me, I am not really a fanatic of gadgets. If there is a chance that I will be able to play it, after a few minutes I would get tired and stop playing with it. That is how I am with gadgets.

But my fiancée insisted to buy me one for future purposes, which includes that for my trip hopefully to US, I won’t be bored while on the plane

So we bought one for me, and for the first few weeks I was engrossed playing the games that we also purchased. Now if you are bored with the games you can also listen to music. You can also put music in your PSP by just saving it to the memory card.

Plus, PSPs are also wifi, if you are out and you forgot to bring your laptop you can check your emails.

It is really a multi functional gadget. good thing, we bought it!