June 17, 2008

Teacher Mae, Teacher Mae

Teacher Mae, Teacher Mae, Thank youý, simple yet full of meaning and sincerity that cannot be measured nor exchanged with any material thing, words that were spoken by one of my pre school students during my practice teaching at the Ateneo de Davao University.

Words that were still implausible to imagine, for I myself, cannot contemplate that I chose to become an educator by profession. Yes, after the entire uphill struggle that I have gone through in my collegiate world; sleepless nights, innumerable paper works and strenuous examinations, being called as such was still unacceptable for I believed that being an educator is really a challenging and complex occupation. Above all, teaching pre school student is the hardest because I am fully aware that I am the primary source of foundation that will unquestionably instigate learningýs all through out their years and I think I donýt have the skills and capabilities to mold them into such.

However, after hearing those words I felt immense joy and happiness. My time with them during my practice teaching was the greatest and truly unforgettable. Teaching them with the wonders of Reading, Language and Mathematics and the feeling of sharing and imparting them the lessons that I once knew was beyond description. Their smiling faces, and cheerful disposition were very infectious that I cannot help but socialize with them even at the most stupid and silliest circumstances. Nonetheless, it was still gratifying for I know that they were certainly learning and enjoying every bit of my lessons and so am I. With these, no amount could surpass all the pleasure Iýve had with them.

Everyday Iým looking forward to going to class because I know each day is a new experience and learning that will always be treasured and remembered. Hearing my name over petty quarrels was like being a judge, who made decision over small things such as reconciling students. Furthermore, I could never forget the time during every recess for they always share their snacks to their classmates. It is really amazing to think that as young as these children they are already learning to share and give what they have. As their practice teacher I feel happy and proud that I have been once a part of their life wherein they learned something that cannot be learned elsewhere.

However, there were times that they became disruptive and unruly and already becoming unmanageable, SILENCE was the paramount technique of making them behave for they simply understand that I am already irritated. Unknowingly, sometimes their interminable questions create a pleasant teaching-learning experience of their naivetý living in this world. Obviously, children are creative in nature and possess different distinctiveness that makes them even more to love; their simplicity is genuinely unique and invigorating that as a future educator I am more compelled to do well in my chosen field of career. Yes, I should be.

My practice teaching went by so fast that I havenýt become aware of the time, it was already March, time to say goodbye and leave. It was so painful to bequeath because I have already built relationship that I donýt want to sever. They became the bone in my body. They are my inspiration and my angels who motivate me innocently. They became my life.

From the experiences during my practice teaching, it can never be denied that one by one I am already starting to like my chosen field of career. I am already accepting the thought of becoming a future educator and teach pre schools students in particular. Yes, I know this is hard and a tedious job but hey, what can I do I love children.
Moreover, with determination and patience as my weapon and shield Iým sure Iým going to make it through and be an excellent teacher.

Yes, Teacher, teacherýwas the words that I began to value and appreciate the magnificence of being an educator. It holds a very high position that no other profession can outstrip, for I fervently believe that there will be no doctors, engineers, nurses, architects, psychologists, accountants and etc. in this world without the teacher. Donýt you think?