June 17, 2008


One thing that’s keeping me from this work is my so called lolo, but he changed it to colleague…

It’s my first time in BPO and I didn’t know what to expect, yes, I admit, I stutter, I stammer and most importantly I’m not good in English. Yet, I have been here for 10 months already and still counting.

I’ve had my share of heartaches over the first few months. It was not an easy journey. I struggled, I gave my best, I thought its already enough but it was not. I was compelled to do more coz I wasn’t performing well plus, my then sup was emotionally harassing me. I couldn’t take it anymore. There was some point at that time that I wanted to quit but doesn’t want to because I have a lot of obligations to attend to. For this reason, I continued my journey.

Presently, I am really happy with whatever is happening now. I love my team and I love my sup. Although he likes picking on me which I really don’t know. Maybe he finds me cute or adorable..hehehe. We have communication, there is openness, we can talk about anything, and I feel good when I’m working with him, he gives me encouragement, he gives me feedback may it be negative or positive. I don’t mind if we are constantly bickering coz I know it will not last.

If ever there is a change of overseer, Id like to be in his team again and I will not get tired working with him as long as he will approve my VL.