June 23, 2009

Freaking Hot

i am used to warm weather since thats the climate i grew up with. In the Philippines it can get as high to 30 degrees Celsius or even more but i didn't mind about it. We didn't have any air conditioning to lessen our burden from the heat. Instead, we hit to the beach and splurged ourselves in the water and the let the cool run into our body. It was bearable and i sure like it.
And then I got here, at first it was cold and then summer came which just started last sunday (June 21,09) and boy it was so hot. The warm weather is so different back home. In less than a minute that i was out, i was sweating all over and getting darker which i could care less.
The temperature has been between 85 Fahrenheit to 100 Fahrenheit. Well, theres still 2 months ahead and am I looking forward at it?Well, i should say yes since the winter would be very,very,very cold and its my first time too.


nancy said...

hello here, blog hopping. I'm new here.

your header caught my attention. it look so lovely. reminds me of my experience. how i wish i was able to snap pictures like this while i was floating around the clouds. hmm, missing it so much!