July 8, 2008

a night with joey

It was unplanned.

Joey and I went out and spent time together over a cup of coffee. We were pouring out our heartaches and disappointments. We were telling each other our plans for the future. We were reminiscing our time together with our other friends. It was a good night out.

How we wish, we could turn back the time, time that we were still the first people who were taking calls, time that our responsibilities were still our callers and none other else, time when we eat right after our shift or payday perhaps, and time that we go out once in a while just to unwind from the tedious and strenuous work. I guessed we missed those times.

Presently, one by one, we are slowly starting to have our own ways, Rojay, has a new life as a teacher and I am so happy for him coz he can now pursue what he finished. Joey, will be rendering her 30 day work before she will leave us for good. Gammie and Faith are now busy being a SME. Mina, is with Ron’s team and I, is of different team and im back taking calls.

Missed the good old days..Guys…


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Lerlyn said...

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